2pcs Leather Zipper Pulls,9 colors available, Zipper Pullers

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2pcs Leather Zipper Pulls,9 colors available, Zipper Pullers

3# zipper fastener pulls made of genuine cattle leather, with warm texture and feeling.
9 colors available.
Please note that due to the hand crafted nature of these labels, there may be slight variations in texture and pattern.. nothing that distracts from their stunning appearance!
minimum purchasing quantity: 2 pcs
Measurement: 1cm * 4cm

A customer's review (thanks her !)
Exactly what was needed to replace the noisy metal tags that were on my bag. This was easily accomplished with a pair of flat blade screwdrivers and some polygrip/slidejaw pliers to splay the zip slider slots slightly open JUST enough to take out the old tags before carefully pushing these in and clamping the zip slider slot closed again with the pliers. Although the one strip of leather that goes around the brass coloured D Ring at the end is riveted with a brass coloured rivet, that's the only thing that holds the two leather sides together so the ends (away from the rivet) will sometimes splay apart in normal use. I was hoping they would be glued together but it doesn't affect how they are used. They were sent very quickly and I received these in the UK about 10 days after ordering them.

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